The Matzo Project

Yes.  Matzo. 

(Kosher, even.)




What started out as a good idea

accidentally became a great cracker.

We wanted to make something that

people wouldn't compare to cardboard.


What we got was...

Surprisingly Delicious Matzo




Can you believe it?!? 

Our very first bAtch sold out

in a couple of hours!


   We're bAck in the kitchen

making LOTS more MAtzo This Minute,

preparing to get our fAncy selves into

some Fancy stores All over the country!


In the meantime,

why don't you take off that schmAta

and get yourself A

Nice Matzo Project Shirt


What we make...


Just Matzo

• salted

• everything

• cinnamon sugared



A super-snappy, extra-sturdy,

crazy-versatile snack that goes with

every single thing we've tried to put on it. 




• milk chocolate pecan

• pecan cinnamon bun

• dark chocolate almond


Chocolate for Calcium,

Pecans for Protein,

and the whole grain goodness of Matzo Project Matzo.

Our ButterCrunch is, ahem, practically health food.


Matzo Chips

• salted

• everything

• cinnamon sugared


You wouldn't put salsa on a pita chip.

You wouldn't use a tortilla chip for hummus.

And you wouldn't put goat cheese on either.


You can use a matzo chip for all three.



Do-it-yourself Kits

• matzo ball soup

• matzo balls

• deep fried matzo balls


Do I have to do everything myself? 

Take some initiative already.




Nice people saying nice things:

(more PRESS here) 

Did you try the cinnamon-sugared with goat cheese?? You should try the cinnamon-sugared with goat cheese.
— Ashley's Mom
You made this? How did you make this? It tastes just like matzo!
— Julie's grandmother
Proudly endorsed by Regina Margareten’s great great nephew and Matzo Brei fiend
— Mark Margareten (Matzo Royalty)
Your matzo toffee is better than mine, which cannot be possible because mine is the best,... my husband did say that mine is superior, however after 31 years of marriage, he may just be trying to stay on my good side.
— Lois in Seattle
By the way, are you single?
— Julie's Grandmother...again
OMG - Just had smoked salmon, cream cheese and green onions on a Matzo Project Everything. Bye bye bagels!
— Charles in California
You’re going to be a multi-millionaire.
— Bonnie from Staten Island
I am verklempt ... You thought of everything. For the love of The Matzo Project.
— Carilyn in Seattle
Are you kidding with those Cinnamon ones? I think I just converted.
— Tania's husband Brian



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